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WakiVaky is a young Slovak brand with an environmental and social dimension. We specialize in upcycling of textiles and textile waste which is then used to make backpacks, tote bags, fanny packs, grocery packets and other practical everyday items. Each product has its own story and creates a new value instead of waste.

We started in 2014 as a student project. Thanks to the interest of the surroundings and the help of our friends, we decided to continue this idea of textile waste processing. In our studio in Pezinok (20 km from Bratislava) we create product designs that later sew the hands of skilled people in this region.

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video: Patrik Gubiš, 2019


We upcycle residual textiles and other waste materials from which we make our products.  It's not just about clothes. We use material from various sources. We  process waste from the automotive industry, furniture industry, damaged tents or advertising banners. These are all good materials with properties suitable for further use. Cooperating with local companies, we create an entity in our circular economy.

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We work in an intergenerational team. The tailors who sew our products include retired or disabled people.  It is they who give our products a soul. s. Each member of our team has the opportunity to realize and create. Together we participate in the creation of your favorite products. W e also organize and attend workshops and events focusing on education about waste reduction.